Anti Spyware

Anti Spyware software programs aid and help keep spyware from infecting your computer or laptop. Anyone can pick up spyware from the internet or email accidentally. Ultimately the person using the mouse has the power. For example, some users when offered a choice between “dancing monkeys” and “safe internet use” will choose to watch the dancing monkeys video, not realizing that it is an executable program that will infect and harm their computer or laptop. It all depends on the video and who/where it came from. If it is on, it is probably safe. If it arrived in your email, unsolicited, then it is not┬ásafe.

Here at and we do not allow a computer or laptop to leave our shop without antispyware software being installed. We also demonstrate to our customers “how” to use the software programs. To us, it worth the time it takes to demonstrate to our valued customers how to utilize these programs. A happy computer user is a happy customer! We believe and live this motto everyday at and

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