New Computer/Desktop Laptop Setup

Do you want your new Laptop or Desktop setup/optimized properly? We can setup your new system so that you can use it without contending with trialware, popup ads, unwanted programs. We gladly install the software that you prefer to use on your laptop or computer.

Did you purchase a new computer? Do you need help setting up a new laptop? Do you need data transferred from the old computer to the new pc?. Not sure what to do? Contact Mike McArdle at for your new computer setup assistance.  When buying a new computer, desktop or laptop, there are things that you need to do first before actualy using your new computer. When purchasing a new computer, you not only have to connect all the required cables, etc… but also prepare the pc for a first time use and a disaster recovery in case of a hard drive failure, windows system file corruption, virus, etc…
Call us today and we will explain everything to you. Yes, we actually talk with our customers. We know who pays our bills. 🙂