It has been several months since Mike repaired my computer. It was freezing up and running very slow. Now it runs better than it did when it was new! Mike also recommended anti virus and malware programs which are working perfectly. Mike is my man for any future computer problems.
Clyde McCleary

You did an incredible job recovering my data after a most malicious attack on my system. If it can be done, Mike can do it!

Thank you again Mike for repairing my laptop in 1 day. It is how I earn my living on the road. I can’t work without my laptop. I will recommend you to everyone i know.

Thank you for your help. Mike is a great computer technician. Once again he had taken my computer to the next level. Not only did he install my new parts but completely upgraded all drivers and cleaned my system. Mike goes beyond just good service and work. He takes the extra effort to make sure your computer is working the best it can.  Jeff

Thank you so much for all your help with my computer and my Grandson’s. You were not condescending because I was at a loss. You are a joy to work with. Check out what i put on Face Book. Again, thank you.
Shirley Gouge

Dear Mr. McArdle:
It was such a pleasure to finally meet you.  Thank you so much for taking my computer in and working on it so quickly while I was in town.
I enjoyed our chat and the information you helped me with about my computer.  Just know…I highly doubt ANYONE will lay their fingers on it, long as your in the business and I can get my computer to you when it is needed.
Best wishes to you and yours.  Your Daddy is in my prayers.
God Bless You~~
Barbara (Prissy) Coker

Mike, thanks for bringing my laptop back from the dead.  You are very professional and the turnaround time was outstanding!  I will be back if I have any problems in the future.
C.K. Merrill

Mike,  Thanks for clearing my virus.  The trip from Two Egg was worth it.  Of course I drove from Lake Wales in the fall with my desk top.  Having a reliable repair source is such a blessing.  Of course having family in the area makes the miles easier.
Thank you,
Don Shattler

Mike: thank you for installing my new router and setting up my wireless network. Great Job! And when my laptop suddenly did not seem to recognize my wireless printer, the suggestions you gave me over the phone worked!! I surprised myself when I was able to “troubleshoot” as you suggested, and it solved the problem! Thank you so much! I know just enough about computers “to be dangerous”, so I am so thankful to have you when problems arise. Thanks for everything!
Sandra H. Faria

Thanks for a job well done on my computer.
I can now print My policies from My Insurance Companies Web-Sites! You are a Blessing! God Bless! P.S. I will bring my other computer next week for you to fix.
Ken Campbell


Thanks Mike for replacing my hard drive on my Dell Computor.I have already suggested a friend to stop by your location.
Rita Cureton

Thank you Mike for repairng my desktop for me, and being very fast and efficient.  You added and done things I didn’t ask for and I appreciate that.  Your prices are very reasonable as well, and I didn’t mind paying for quality work.  Keep up the awesome job in taking care of your customers.  I will recommend you to others.  Thanks a lot.

Mike did a great job getting my dinosaur of a computer running like new.  Also, your ad was the first one I have ever taken out of a newspaper.  Thank you.  I was not disappointed.
Mary Jo Greer

Thank you Mike for repairing my computer!! I am sorry I have waited so long to submit this.I tell everyone about you, you are the best!! Everyone out there Mike is very  Professional & reliable and his motto ‘We get it right the first time’ is correct. Give him a try and you will D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y return with all your computer needs. Thanks Mike!!

My laptop went to blue screen and I was able to get help from Mike despite it being the week-end.  He talked me through my problem on the phone and now all is well.  Not many out there willing to help when on their off time.  Thanks.  Cornelia
Cornelia Synco

I have asked Mike to resurrect two computers for me and I am amazed by the results both are alive and well.  I am a very satisfied customer.
Sheldon L. Pratt

I discovered Mike last year and have never regretted it.  His work is quick and efficient (enabling me to keep my older computer), cost super reasonable, and above all Mike is a very, very, pleasant and caring person.
Thanks, Cornelia Synco

Completely professional, competant, appproachable, and personable. The work was done quickly, was of high quality, and was reasonably priced. Thanks Mike!
Ben McKenzie

I took my laptop to Mike at about 9 a.m. on Friday and it was ready by 3:30 that afternoon.  Wow!  I was surprised how quick he got it done…..and done right! It was close to melt down, but now runs like new!  The price was reasonable and I am thankful for his expertise.
I will definitely have any of my computer work done by him.  I recommend Mike highly!!
Roger Sprandel, Dothan

I really appreciated the quick response Mike made to take care of our problem.
He is well versed and can be trusted to do the job correctly.
I feel very confident he can take care of any computer problems I might have and I feel safe in recommending him to any of my friends.
Mrs. Eunice Petrey

Thank you for the fine job you did recently.  You have always been helpful, reasonable,and reliable.  You have been honest and fair in all my dealing with you.  Keep up the good work and I am sure you will have many satisified customers.  Thanks  Bill Spivey
Bill Spivey

Mike was wonderful in getting my computer cleaned up and running smoothly. The 24 hours in the shop was a most acceptable time frame.
Thank You Mike
Mary Haley

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Mike for helping me with a virus problem I have been having for over a year now! He helped me fix it in less than 5 minutes. What and awesome guy! I appreciate your help so much!
I will continue to think of you for all my computer needs!

Hi Mike,
Kenneth & I really appreciate what you managed to do for us & our computer trauma!!!  The new Dell is working great & doing everything it’s supposed to do.  When you backed up all the files from the old computer…and I actually saw them on our new Dell, I almost cried.  I thought we had lost everything and you saved the day.  I read all of your testimonials before Kenneth called you.  What an incredible reputation you have in this area!  You have helped so many people with their computer issues that obviously went ignored by others who call themselves computer technicians.  Thank you again for such exemplary service.  We did post a ‘thank you testimonial’ on your website.  We will recommend you…highly!
Thanks again
Laurie Payne

One of the best decisions we ever made…taking our failing Dell computer to Mike!  Mike ran all the necessary diagnostic tests and found multiple problems the other nameless pc repair shop AND the fee-based Dell tech support completely overlooked. We followed his advice in the purchase and service of a new desktop and couldn’t be more satisfied. He saved all of our files and transferred them to the new computer.  I regret we didn’t call Mike McArdle sooner.  This man is an honest professional with ethics. I will tell everyone I know about DothanPC.com Thanks so much.
Kenneth Payne

Thanks Mike for giving my pc new life. I had grown to despise the time I spent on line.  Now it is enjoyable.  Your customer service is AAA+.
Brenda McNinch

u are the best thanks so much for all you do and in such a timely manner and at a reasonable rate u will be highly recommended to everyone i know

Mike has repaired our computer on two different occasions.   He is always efficient and courteous.  He explains what caused the problem and the solution to the problem.
He has also given me advise via of telephone or email to resolve minor problems.
We would think of using no one else.
Thanks Mike for a job well done!
Lynda and Trent Thisler

Mike was very thorough in his repair of my computer. His customer service was very good. He does good work and fast!
Marie Cook

I would like to compliment Mike on his after the job customer service he provides. He really is someone who looks after his customers. If you are looking for a computer specialist please give Mike a call.
Dave Frix

The hard drive on my computer needed replacing. I thought for sure I was looking at buying a new expensive computer but Mike brought it back, retrieved all my old data and had the computer back to me within days. Yes, I needed to call for advice and he was more than patient with me, talking me through what I needed to know. THANK YOU MIKE !
Mary Ellen Spinner

I travel full time in my Motor Home and my Mother who lives in Dothan, Al uses a laptop I gave her to keep in touch with me and keep up with the Grandkids on blogs and Facebook.  Called Mike from the road when she had a problem and he had her back up and running in no time.
Billy Hornsby

My HP desktop started having all kinds of trouble with internet explorer, I took it to Mike and within 24hrs I was picking it up. It runs like a brand new one again. I cant say enough but if you want friendly, fast, and exceptional service give Mike a call you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Mike.

Mike, Thank you so VERY much for being so knowledgeable. And for helping me – over the phone – not knowing me at all (except to know that a customer of yours highly recommended you).  You saved the day, and a few gray hairs, helping me fix what is a relatively obsure problem.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mike, you are the best.  You had my computer repaired remotely in 5 minutes.  And this was on July 4th.  I can’t thank you enough.
Shirley Lanton

Mike was recommended to me by a friend that had used him.  My 10 year old dell died so I took it in to Mike to see if I needed to fix it or replace it.  Mike kept it for 24 hours and replaced the hard drive and added more memory.  When I brought it home and hooked it up I couldn’t get on the internet.  I called Mike and he came out (on Saturday morning) and corrected the problem and completed the setup (no charge!).  Mike was all my friend said he was, fast, knowledgable, and reasonable.  I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, so if I ever have the slightest problem,  Mike is my first call!
Thanks Mike, for a job well done!!
Bobby Morris

Mike, thank you so much for fixing my computer! The service was great and the communication back and forth was smooth. Very friendly and helpful, I’ll definitely recommend anyone who has a problem with their computer to you! Thanks!

Mike,1:40 A.M.is an early time of day to thank you for fixing my computer. It works fine now.   May God bless you as you continue to help others.  Gym (Who never uses spell check)
Jim Walch

If you’re reading this you might be looking for reviews of services etc. I attempt to review most things just to see what others say and it has saved me a ton of time, money and stress.
Having utilized Mike’s services, on multiple occasions, I can attest that you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be impressed. With most businesses you can normally find something which you will not like. From pure knowledge, concern, reliability, courtesy and pricing you will be very happy and pleased.
One last thing; Mike and his wife are good people which believe in old school values.
Phil Smith

We all know the value of an excellent auto mechanic and Mike is the computer repair equivalent. Mike is an A+ Certified Computer Technician and this sets him apart from many computer repair persons.
In May of 2011 I brought two computers in for repair; one was completely dysfunctional and the other had contracted a virus. Unlike many computer repair shops, Mike took the time to listen to the symptoms in an effort to pinpoint the problems. He asked follow-up questions and between the two of us, he could determine a diagnosis and remedy. The work on both computers was promptly completed and at an amazingly reasonable price. Both are functioning better than ever.
Mike and Janet both possess excellent customer relations skills that many other businesses would do well to emulate. I highly recommend their work and professionalism and will continue to do business with them.
Jerry Peacock

Brought my old laptop in (dead), Dr.Mike said no problem and after a little surgery it was back on it’s pads and ready to go.
Thank’s Mike,
John Williams

My wife’s laptop’s screen was cracked.  Multiple computer repair business told me they could not fix it.  Mike ordered the new screen and installed it for just over $130.00.  Saved me a ton, not having to buy a new computer.  He is friendly, down to earth, and will give you free advice.  Thanks again Mike.
Jerry Clark

I would like thank the McArdles @ Dothanpc.com for fixing my computer. They are an awesome team and they sure know how to fix computers. So, if you have any problems I would most definitely trust my computer with the  McArdles @ Dothanpc.com. Thank you for making my computer work again.
Tammy Vinson

Wow! Took Mike my sisters two laptops, he solved my problem immediately! I was so excited I brought him my desktop back the following day, he rid me of all my bugs and even found some old files the bugs wiped out and restored them for me.  He even put me two additional software programs on my desktop to keep the bugs out.  Got my ‘puter back the next day, I’ll never go anywhere else ~ Oh, the customer service is awesome, he even returned my email like Pronto!! They don’t make ‘em like Mike anymore, Thanks a million!

Mike had recently upgrade the router/wifi for my folks and I was visiting for the weekend and needed to do some work. My mom called on Sunday morning to get help giving me access. He called right back and again later to make sure the solution worked. That’s great service!
Brad S.

My computer caught some bugs,took it to Mike McArdle @ Dothanpc.com.
Mike got it fixed extremely quick.
Great job, Thanks Mike
Charles Parker

Good job man. Better than new!
Darrell Johnson

Quick call back, quick service, friendly atmosphere, and best of all, our laptops WORK!!!! It is great to have local reliable service available.  Thanks for technical support and working within our time schedule demands.
Ronnie and Yevonne Davis

I had just recently purchase two new laptop computers. One of them caught a bug on it, I thought I had a good spyware program. I was wrong, I brought my laptop to Mike and he took care of it for me. Now I do have a GREAT spyware program, if I need it again. Mike does really good work and seems to be a VERY HONEST MAN. He will be getting all of my computer work now. He will do you a great job for a reasonable price.
Bruce Ard

Got site to work………….Thanks for great job.
Bobby Boone Buds n Blossoms Nursery

After spending 45 minutes on the phone with the IT person from my new cable company, she assured me that the problem was with my computer and not their system. I called Mike, my “Go To Guy” and, in 5 minutes, he had me up and running. Why would I call anyone else? Why would you?
Robert Knop

I took my computer to someone else in town and they completely ruined it. I learned a valuable lesson, cheap does not equal good. Mike was patient and supportive and explained everything that needed to be done so my computer would function correctly again. I couldn’t believe you were able to save my lost pictures as well. I’m a customer for life!
David Barnes

Mike–Thanks for the excellent and fast service to get me back on Facebook. Next time I have a problem, I won’t wait for 2 days trying to fix it. I will call you immediately.
Carol Snow

Thanks for fixing my 3 computers. 2 had not worked in quite some time and we thought they were junk due to how they operated and the antivirus and spyware on these computers did nothing to fix the problems. you had them for only a couple of days and now we are up back up and running. You saved us a ton of money since we don’t have to purchase new computers for the kids for Christmas. I will continue to use Dothan PC for my maintenance and repairs. Thanks Again Mike.
Jack Chandler

Hello Mike,
I want to thank you for your help recently on getting my new computer to connect to my home networking. You came to our house and had everything working in a very short time. The amount you charged shocked me..(it was so low). My sister, Betty even told you, “That is not enough” and you told her that was all she owed you. There are still good folks in this world and We think you are one of the nicest people we have ever met. It was a pleasure meeting you and believe me, if I ever need any more computer work done, I will definetly call you. I will recommend you to anyone that needs computer help !!.
I would like to wish you and your family a “Merry Christmas” and a Happy, Healthy, and prosperous New Year!!
Thanks again for your help.
Ann Andress & Betty Kendrick

Thanks for fixing my pc. I like the back side of your busisness card. I will be helping with Christmas for Santa in the morning and will give your card to two of the SARCOA workers who use lap tops. Prayer helps but your cards do too.
Jim Walch

If you have not used Mike with your computer problems you should! He does a great job and those of us who don’t know a whole lot about Laptops, websites, blogs. Mike does not make you feel inadaquate. He is a fine Christian man who works hard and does not take advantage of his customers! Thank you Mike for your excellent service in the past! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Cyndi Cooper

Mike is the greatest! We really appreciate all that you have done to get all our computers back up and running and back on our network.
Thank you.
Edna and Willie

Like everyone, we are always busy. I am Melissa with Off the Wallz Odd Ballz and my husband and I have notion that our small art/vintage business has picked up since we have been online.
Well, our story started like this… One day I tried to work on our computer. You know post pix, etc. Then I tried to just turn on my computer and it had crashed lost everything. It was my hard drive, I was freaking out thinking, wow my computer wasn’t that old and hadn’t used it a lot and thought for sure that I was going to be without it for a while. I asked my friend Cyndi, where in the heck to take this crazy thing and she said to take it to Mike @ DothanPC.com I took it in and less than a week he called and I was thinking the worst. He assured me that it was the hard drive and that he put some groovy games on there and replaced my hard drive and added some protection on it! I was so happy.
Ok and you think that my problems are over …Just Friday my computer was acting weird again. Couldn’t get online but everything else worked, weird huh! I had a lot to do that day and couldn’t call Mike till the last min. on Friday afternoon. He was so busy with other customers, we talked and then he had to call me back a few times. Which in my book that is groovy, Mike is busy @ what he does is a great sign. Do you know, that it was 5:30 and he closes @ 5:00pm and he still called me back and not only that, he fixed it over the phone. Mike you rock and now I can move on with our groovy and colorful business. Thank you mike
Melissa Off the Wallz Odd Ballz

This is Wavelene. Thank you again for being so kind and hellping me with the computer print. I think you are a nice person and have a nice personality.When I had my computer in there, I was amazed how helpful and polite you was. Left… a great inpression in my mind. You can besure I will recommend you to anyone that need a computer doctor lol
that is what you are lol. Take care and I hope business is good for you.

Thank you for the fast, convenient, & affordable service! My computer was attacked by viruses and Mike had it repaired in a day. He even makes house calls to make sure everything is set back up properly. The total amount $$$ wasn’t bad at all, I was expecting worse.
Thanks again
Mandy McCallister

Thanks so much for fixing my computer. It now runs faster than it ever has. I would recommend you to anyone having computer problems. Thanks again.
Linda Stone

Mike thank you so very much for fixing my computer problems!!!!!!!!!!!! Your faithfulness and excellent work was awesome. I appreciate you so much!!!
Michelle Kimbro

It is true that when Mike does the work it is done right the first time! I am so glad that he was recommended. I had a bunch of trouble on my computer and Mike just waved some kind of magic wand (it seemed) and Presto! But let me assure you that the task was not that simple – he is one of those fine individuals dubbed as a “born perfectionist” whose background is knowledge and years of experience. Thank you, Mike McArdle!
Mrs. Jones Graceville, FL

I will never be able to thank Mike enough for saving almost 7000 pictures on my computer. Dell technical support worked with me for hours and finally decided all data on my computer would be lost. I was heartbroken. I took the computer to Mike at Dothanpc.com as a last resort. Not only did he save all of my precious memories, but all other data on the computer. Thanks Mike!
A. Givens

I would like to say how much I valued your service! My laptop was have trouble operating with a virus. I took it to DothanPc.com and Mike did everything and better than I had it before. My laptop is running great ever since and I never had to go back!! Thanks Mike!
Michael Hernandez

Mike, just wanted to thank you for the great repair job and setting up my router and home network fixing that crazy problem that had been bugging me for so long. Price was very reasonable as you do advertise and that’s a nice change from most other places.
Tony Hanners

We got a trojan horse virus on our office computer that shut down everything we needed to do. We had 3 different computer-savvy people try to repair it, to no avail. Mike not only fixed this problem, but he cleaned out the entire system, increasing our speed by a factor of 5! Thank you, Mike!
Pastor Laurie Williams

Monday, 7-5, I took my Dell laptop to Mike to have him check and find a way to make it “faster”! He upgraded to Win7, backed up what was needed to make the swap, and had it ready in less than a day. (See if you get that kind of service somewhere else!!) I dont think you will find any better service anywhere here in the wiregrass.
Thanks again Mike! Will be back soon I’m sure, with the other laptop!
Rhonda Davis

Mike, you are a wonderful person and are always so helpful to me in my times of need, which are many. Not only do you keep my computer running and cleaned up, you are so nice to help me with the things I can’t figure out how to do on the computer.
I really wish you would teach the basics to us dummies!!
Margo Lewis

Thank you very much for fixing my computer it works too well I have no more problems w/ it since i got it back from you if i need anything else to do as far as fixing it, i’d definately choose you from now on I’ll never recommend *** Computers to anyone ever again.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MIKE U R THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Becky Thompson

Mike took care of my computer problem in one day and charged about half of what the other guys would. Great job!
Buddy Johnston

Thanks for the service! You have come through again. My computer is up and running and is fast.
Marvetta Childs

Thank you for quick, accurate service. You do a great job and are so very personable. The cusomter matters to you and it shows. I don’t see how anyone could have any better knowledge of computers and their operation. You make all problems seem small. Your prices are the best I’ve seen around here. Mike is the best!
Kevin @ Dothan National Hotel

I had trouble connecting to the internet yesterday. After several hours with the tech from Knology they could not find the problem. I called Mike and he talked me through the step to get my computer back online. In just a few short minutes I was connected to the internet. Thanks Mike.

When we moved to Dothan we needed a computer man. We are SO blessed to have found Mike.
He is upbeat, quick, thorough and competent. It is always a joy to go Mikes. And if he isn’t there, his very pleasant wife will be and takes good care of each customer as well.
We have and will continue to recommend DothanPC.com to everyone. Thanks alot Mike!!!

Mike I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for what you’ve done for me. It’s like a straight out of the box brand new computer!!! I will most definitly make sure every one I run across that even owns a computer knows about you and what a great job you do. And I don’t believe anybody can beat your prices! Again,thank you so very much!!!
Alana Hibbs

Thanks, Mike for a very professional repair job at a very reasonable price This was my second trip to your shop and I am totally satisfied with your work and price.
Jim Godwin

Mike, I want to thank you for repairing mine and my wife’s computers. Captain John D. Davis is the person responsible for my getting in touch with you. He said that you were good and he did not lead me wrong. Again I want to say thank you.
Ben Oakley

Mike, i dropped off my house pc with u that had a virus and my work laptop that i just wanted to be virus safe. u called me before the day was over with both ready to go. everything works great. i will be sending business ur way. thanks

Mike, My computer is back with me in Afghanistan and working beautifully. Thanks so much for your help. My wife would be jealous if she saw how fast and smoothly my computer now works. You will be seeing her soon with her computer. Thanks again, Todd
Todd Blake

Mike, thank you so much for the great job on my computer. You provided me with the help I needed when my system crashed. Fast, friendly service is always how you do business. My system run better and faster than I ever hoped it could. All the up grades work fine. Couldn’t have done it without you.
Jeff Courtney

Mike, you have our computer running better than it has since we purchased it, a little over a year ago. I was ready to throw it away! Everything is running smoother. Thanks so much.
Lynda Thisler

I have got all of my devices reconnected printer, Maxtor 750GB Backup, camera and microphone, network and hub.
I customized icon sizes and folders and have tried most all of my software and have not had any problems except with the idiot behind the key board.
I have scanned the Maxtor for virus and malware and it reported none!! I also checked my Thumb Drives too!!! They did not have any viruses or MW either.
The speed has increased about X2 on many functions. It does not take forever to boot up now. Software and Pages load faster too. The Internet speed is quicker loading & runs great too!
You did what you said would do and my Dell Optiplex GX520 PC runs great again!!!!
Ken Bruner

Mike, just want to thank you for your great service. Good to find someone that does a great job the first time and a great price.
Marion Dees

Mike I just wanted to thank you for fixing my Toshiba laptop. . You had to wipe it clean and put a new operating system on it. The computer works better then the day I bought it and for a good price. Thank you again.
Richard Ney

Mike, you did a wonderful job for me. My whole life was in my computer and you restored it for me. Your services are complete and fast. You had it done in 2 days. After service is wonderful also, I had a problem with my word program and you talked me through it on the phone. I will recommend you to everyone I talk to. Also, your prices are great. I can’t thank you enough.
Shirley Lanton

Just thought I would touch base with you about my Dell Latitude D430. You really did me proud. I am in Nashville, TN for the night, on my way to Canton, Ohio for a weeks worth of school. Your touch on this puter has made it an exceptional machine. I do appreciate your expertise. Since “Unclaimed Baggage” has these great deals on laptops, I may find another one for our grandchildren when I am in Scottsboro, AL again. I would then get you to lay your hands on that machine. The grandchildren are going to want this machine when they see it however, I will be offering them – “No Way / Hosea”!
Thanks again for your consideration.
Terry K. Tressler

Just a note to say that Mike fixed my 2 computers and both of them are like brand new. Mike is a very friendly and easy going person. He is very professional and knows how to fix computers. He answered all my questions and told me that if I have any problems to bring them back in and he would gladly help me work through them.
Thank you Mike, You done an excellent job on my computers.
Tammy Vinson

Dear Mike,
Thank you so much for getting the bugs out of my daughter’s computer.
If you need computer repair, you’re highly recommended. Not only was the service fast (needed to get my daughter back to college w/ her computer) but you were so nice and friendly (something you don’t get a lot of these days). You will surely receive more of my business in the future.
Thank you
Cindie Hagler -Newton

Thanks for helping me get out of my computer trap. I am most appreciative for your prompt, efficient, and professional response. I was amazed at how reasonable your fee was considering all you did for me. I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again for a promptness and quality of service that is indeed rare today.
John Davis U.S. Merchant Marines

Mike it was a sincere pleasure meeting, and doing business with you! your work and and you are super! I felt for the first time in years I had received more than I paid for!
Quay Peel

Just as I was ready to buy a whole new computer (based on what had been told to me by another shop in this town) I decided to try one last shop. My experience was “wonderful”. He not only had my computer up and running within hours, he also installed some software that makes me feel very secure when on line. My machine runs faster now than before and the price of all this? well lets just say I was amazed. I only wish that every business I deal with left me with such a feeling of confidence. I would recommend this man to anyone who is looking for a computer guy. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!
Neal Rosenthal

My computer was very slow, and would just hang up. It was very frustrating. Mike worked on it, and it is now like a new computer. Very fast and works great.
T. Smith Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Thanks for all your help. Computer works great. I will be glad to tell anyone that need help with their computer to give you a call. thanks again
Jonathan Nall

Thanks Mike for all your help.
Cleaned up my computer and gave great advice to finally get my ISP to come out and fix my poor connection speeds.Very professional and easy to deal with.
Jeff Tamburin

Mike, Here at the holidays, I didn’t think I could financially get my computer up and running. YOU made that possible! AND, you went above and beyond the call of service and professionalism! I still can’t believe how you went out of your way to restore my service! I am carrying your card and will most certainly be recommending you to anyone and everyone I know! You are my new computer ‘go to’ guy! Thanks again!
Katie Gentile

Mike, thanks so much for all your help.
If you have a problem with your computer here is the man to help.
Diane Speed

Thank you for getting this computer back into shape. I really like the work that you have done. I will be sure to tell others about the good work that you do. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and keep you.
Dorothy Cooper

Thank you so much for your FAST service! I called and you were here within the hour. It’s hard to find service like that anymore. It didn’t take too long to figure out what the problem was, either. I will definitely call you again.
Sharon Taylor, Wise Center for Child Abuse Prevention

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the pc since you upgraded and cleaned it out!! Runs much faster and is very quiet. Received the laptop today and it’s great as well. Thanks again and I will be calling you next time I need help.
T. Deal Newville, Al.

The service I got was fast and was done right the first time! Thanks Mike! I will call you again when I need your help.
Denise Louthain Southeast Alabama EMS

I really appreciate you repairing my computer so quickly. Thank you for caring about my data as much as I do. Not only did you save ALL my data but you saved me money. My computer is running so much faster and like new. It is my pleasure to recommend Dothanpc.com to everyone I know. Thanks again for everything.
Jennifer Simer

We are very pleased with your work on our computer and we recommend you to everyone we know that needs their computer worked on. Great Job!
Thanks again Mike.
Charles & Lori Tate – Slocomb

It was good talking to you yesterday. Thank you for answering my question. You have our computer running like a new one and we thank you very much. I sincerely hope that your business continues to grow and be successful. I am spreading the word.
Joey Hudspeth – Abbeville

Mike recently worked on a laptop of mine that I believed was beyond repair. He kept it overnight and when he returned it, it was better then when I first bought it! And the amount he charged me blew my mind! He is very fair and reasonable. I would recommend him to everyone! I will never let anyone else ever work on my computer again! Thanks again Mike! I am very grateful!!!!
Krista Barber

I am new to Dothan and had some recent computer issues. After numerous local calls and receiving very unreasonable price quotes for a simple replacement accessory for a laptop, I came upon Mike’s number in the phonebook. He found the part at a GREAT price and passed that information onto me, saving me more than a hundred dollars, and I had it in 3 days! Mike could have easily bought the part he located, then marked it up to sell to me, making easy money off of me. When I said this to him, he remarked that this was not the way he did business. I was impressed (and grateful!)
Seeing that Mike was a person of honesty and integrity, I then told him of my ailing (and just out of warranty) pc. In 24 hours he had it up and running like new again!
I have found Mike to be friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and honest. He is reasonable with his pricing and his turnover time is remarkable.
I would be happy to recommend him to anyone needing help with pc issues.
Thank you Mike! I hope I won’t need to see you too often, but I’m glad you’re there when I do need help!
Lynn Campbell

I would like to thank Mike for the service we received from Dothanpc.com; very reasonable prices; excellent service; wonderful attitude. It is my pleasure to recommend Dothanpc.com to everyone I know.
Chad Wright

I would like to thank Mike for the service we received from Dothanpc.com; very reasonable prices; excellent service; wonderful attitude. It is my pleasure to recommend Dothanpc.com to everyone I know.
Cynthia Turnipseed (office Manager)
God bless your soul Cynthia, may you rest in the Lords arms for eternity.

Way to go Mike!!! You have made my wife very happy. Good job and thank you very much!!
Joey – Abbeville

Mike has done work for the Taylor Senior Center re: computers; also worked on my own laptop. Fast, efficient. Will give you an estimate before work is actually done. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone (and I will)!
Leslie Taylor Senior Center

Mike McArdle has helped our computers tremendously;
speeding up the reception and cleaning out some “junk”.
I would recommend his service.
Glenda Taylor Senior Center

Mike has been a huge asset to our company and our Wireless Issues. He has always been very prompt in meeting our needs and very professional. He has assisted everyone in our office with their computer/wireless needs. We can call on Mike at anytime and he will assist us as well as educate us in ways to improve our business. We appreciate Mike for everything he does and will do with for our business.
Jackie Whitehead Office Manager

Michael repaired my computer in a timely and professional manner, highly recommended for computer repair and services.
Thanks Michael.
Gaston Efurd

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