Virus Removal


We can remove any virus, spyware, adware, malware, trojan or rootkit from your laptop or desktop.
A computer virus can cause you to lose time, money, information and sometimes even your identity! If you suspect you have a virus, bring your system in immediately to keep your losses to a minimum. We are very experienced in spyware, malware and virus removal.

Symptoms that may indicate you have a virus include:

Your internet doesn’t work anymore.
Strange windows pop up with advertisement or antivirus product offer.
All of your contacts are recieving emails from you that you did not send.
Your computer stops responding when you try to use Microsoft Office products.
You cannot start Windows Task Manager.
Antivirus software indicates a virus is present.
There is a double extension on an attachment that you recently opened, such as .jpg.vbs or .gif.exe.
An antivirus program is disabled for no reason and it cannot be restarted.
An antivirus program cannot be installed on the computer or it will not run.
Strange dialog boxes or message boxes appear on screen.
Someone tells you that they have recently received e-mail messages from you containing attached files (especially with .exe, .bat, .scr , .vbs extensions), which you did not send.
New icons appear on the Desktop that you did not place there.
Strange sounds or music plays from the speakers unexpectedly.
A program disappears from the computer, and it was not intentionally uninstalled.
Windows will not start at all.
Windows will not start because certain critical system files are missing.
There is a lot of modem activity when you’re not using the computer.
Have you been hit with the FBI Moneypak Virus? We can remove it quickly and completely. There are various looks of the same virus.

moneypak fbi virus

We can repair and remove this virus.